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Hillside Haven Casita

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It was a muted pink and pastel blue sunset on the veranda.  The hawks knew exactly where every tree branch was and taunted each other, flying low and avoiding tree branches by inches, in spite of the gusty breezes.  We could almost see their “hawk eyes” they were so close.  We sat on our veranda enjoying the view and Jim said, “You know, you can’t just keep wandering around the place saying, ‘this is great! It’s so nice!”.

Beauty from every window

What can I say, it is a happy, cheerful home!  I often find myself spending time gazing out our huge picture windows admiring the stunning views.  How can you not say “nice”?  So, here’s what I like:
The owners, Al and Sela, of this lovely little casita are wonderful people who are very respectful of our privacy while being very helpful.

The fireplace and Murphy bed

I love the views out of the huge living room picture windows.

Entry hallway

Of course, since Al was a cabinet-maker we enjoy top of the line cabinet and woodwork throughout the house. Even the door jams are hand crafted.
We love our charming veranda and the gardener who surprises us with gifts of plants and bouquets of flowers, which he ties onto our veranda railing.

The kitchen is loaded!

There is a lot to be said for our Kohler sinks and faucets.
I love the unique and gorgeous tile work in this house.
And the closet?  Well, who could complain about the built-in top-of-the-line cabinets in the closet.

Luisa's Restaurant is open for business!

I can’t remember the last time I got a built-in dressing table but let me tell you, I use it.
We love the oversized bedroom along with its fifteen-foot recessed bedroom ceiling with fan whirring silently.
Our backs are really enjoying the top-of-the-line comfortable bed and the tasteful and comfortable furnishings.

Even the closit is great

Beautiful cabinetry & tile work in the bathroom

We’ve come to really appreciate the dryer as we go into the “wet” season.  I’ve had clothes drying on the line for three days during this rainy time of the year.
And hurray, we have a dishwasher and a regular fridge with an icemaker. Now, that fridge is important because in Panama, they have tiny refrigerators and everything falls out.
This kitchen is stocked with great knives, quality pots and pans and you can even set a tasteful dinner table – nice.

Rainshower - nice!

Most importantly, this wonderfully thought-out home has a triple water filtration system with UV light.  The filters take care of particulates and the UV light takes out all the nasty bugs.  No more lugging 5-gallon bottles of water from the grocery store.
We’re set up for guests because we even have a Murphy bed. So, come on down for a visit.
The covered carport goes straight into the kitchen/utility area.  This is a very nice feature for the rainy season.
We love the remote-controlled gate, nice long driveway and the 3-acres of beautifully landscaped property.

Built-in dressing table or computer table

Great oversized bedroom with tastful furnishings & comfortable bed

We love that 15' recessed ceiling with fan

And lastly, we’ve got two fireplaces.  One is in the living room and the other is out on the veranda.

This property is gated with an automatic gate opener - great!

So, for the next six months and maybe longer, we will stay at Hillside Haven.  The challenge we set for ourselves was to find out if was possible to find somewhere in this big world of ours that we could live comfortably and securely.  We were interested in a life-style of  peace, beauty, and tranquility; all on one Social Security income.  Not that we had to.  Impossible you say.  Well, think again.  Call us your great experimenters; path finders sort of speak.   For the best experiments come from real life.  Actually, there are many places on the planet like this and I will address another option for your consideration in the near future.  Boquete is expensive by comparison but we like it here.  The place kind of grows on you and we enjoy the climate and the community.  It looks like we may have succeeded with our challenge and we’re here to tell you that it can be done if you just think outside the box.

We have so much to be grateful for here in Panama and we think about that all the time.  And all of this on one Social Security income and that’s no joke! No, you can’t have it yet.  We may be here for quite some time – maybe someday!

If you wish to inquire about this wonderful property, here’s Al’s contact information:

Al’s cellphone: (507) 6509-3390

Photography by:
Luisa Baldwin
© All rights reserved

Lovely landscaping - nice!


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