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Dean Neptune, the real Santa of Boquete

Photography courtesy of Mark Heyer

Merry Christmas to you all from our home to yours

If you don’t use it – you’ll lose it.

Shout Merry Christmas from the top of the hill!

In keeping with the traditions that define this wonderful culture,
there is no “Happy Holidays” in Panama but there is “Merry Christmas” and it’s celebrated big time here in Panama.  Warm and loving hugs are invited and nobody is afraid that someone will bring a lawsuit against Santa or his helper for doing just that.  This year some of our local ex-pat residents decided to make it truly memorable for the children.  I know Santa will be back next year and the year after for a very special time was had by all!


The special Santa event about to begin

In honor of the children, one of our special Boquete residents, Donna O’Toole, organized an event for the little ones.  As she said, “To bring joy to these wonderful innocent children who I love so dearly.”  Many thanks go out to Mark Heyer who provided the wonderful photography, which captured these children’s delight at their first chance to visit up close and personal with Santa Claus.


The important part - the wish list! Topping the list were computers, bicycles, and shoes.

As Mark stated, “Santa came to visit the children of el Banco, hear their wishes and a few days later, deliver presents. I had the honor of documenting part of the event in order to provide pictures that will be printed for each of the children to remember the day that Real Santa came to visit them in El Banco.”

Our Real Santa, Dean Neptune from El Salto, has this year firmly established himself as the Real Santa of Chiriqui.  He generously visited as many schools and children’s institutions as possible. On December 13, flanked by his extremely effervescent elf Franco, Santa came to El Banco school – the air was electric with excitement.

Christmas wishes were delivered by the children with great earnestness. Bicycles, computers and shoes topped the list. One little Indian boy said, “I just want a present.” Well, this year his wish came true! After hearing all their wishes, Real Santa and the kids, singing Christmas songs and laughing, trooped off to the local tienda for bebidas (drinks).

Having never gotten a present, this little boy said, “I just want to get a present”

Mark hopes you enjoy these pictures as much as I did. Thank you Donna from the bottom of our hearts for the joy you have brought to the children of El Banco this year.

Mark then stated, “And I can see Bill now, singing with the children and brushing a tear of happiness and pride from his eye.”

Now, don’t you think this is what Christmas is all about?  May your Christmas be filled with the wonders of excited and joyful children.


Off to the tienda for "bebidas"!


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