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Adventurousliving reached 12,003views all-time

15,620 views all-time

To all of you around the world who check in with this web-site.
Thank you for your dedicated readership and making my little corner of the world into something a little bit bigger.

Today, I dedicate my celebration to you –  you who have made this web-site possible.
I dedicate my celebration to my 15,620 readers.
I know it’s not that much in the greater scheme of things but for me it’s a milestone for this young web-site and a reward for many hours of dedication and community service.

I hope that I have enriched your lives somehow.
I am optimistic that I have given you a little bit of inspiration in this challenging world.
I would be satisfied if I sparked your curiosity about your unique potential in life.  I would be really happy if I fostered a self-determination to live a full life.  Finally, I would feel successful if I knew I had given you dreams to manifest.

I pledge to give you more!
For you see – there is so much to look forward to in this wondrous life.
So many of your own answers to your life’s questions can be found in just one word or picture and are born of your own unique inspirations.

Maybe your direction won’t be as draconian as our move to Panama was.
Maybe your adventure will be to meet one person who will transform your life dramatically.
But just remember this:
You don’t want to get to the end of your life and feel disappointed whispering to yourself, “Oh, I should have done more, taken more chances, lived my life more fully, loved more unconditionally.”

Check back with me from time to time.
Let your imagination be your guide
to the adventurous life.  That’s not to say that you don’t live a responsible life; it’s just that life is too short not to cram in as many adventures as you can possibly think up!  For you see, life is immense!  It needs to be packed with fresh starts and changes.  You want to get to the end with a smile and the happy thought, “I made the most of it, I grew as much as I could, I figured out what is important in life and taught myself how to live a relevant life fully.”  Now that will do for a place to sit!

Live long
Live well
Live slow




  1. Congratulations, Jim and Luisa! This is indeed an important milestone for a small yet informative blog!!


  2. Beautiful pictures, Luisa, beautiful philosophy also. I am so blessed to know you as my neighbor here in Panama!

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