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We think Mayra is the best attorney in Panama City. We know from our own experience and that of acquaintances that she produces great results in a timely manner!

Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi
Office: 507-226-2895
Cell: 507-6582-2197
Fax: 507-270-4973
Address: Calle Manuel Maria Icaza (Area Bancaria) y Calle 51
> Edificio Magna Corp.
> Oficina 607
> Panama, Republic of Panama

Real Estate Contracts
Labor Contracts

While living in Panama for nearly two years, we had not made an effort to get a permanent residence visa because of all the nightmare stories we had heard about lawyers in Panama.  You can’t just pick an attorney out of the phone book.  There are very good ones and incredibly bad ones.  This is an area where a lot of caution is merited because it can get very expensive, take forever, and get you nowhere.  I have a friend who applied for a working visa eight years ago and still doesn’t have her permanent visa.  She expected to wait for five years to get it but not eight.  Every time you talk to ex-pats in Boquete or elsewhere, these are the types of stories you hear.  Now we can pave the way for you folks in other parts of the world or here in Panama who wish to apply for residence visas unharmed. You can safely use the attorney we found and rest comfortably and securely while you wait for your final visa knowing that you will be honestly billed, your attorney will stay on top of any follow-up problems needing resolution, and your final visa will be approved in a timely manner.  We know this because our visa application got pushed and shoved through the system, our attorney stayed on top of the follow-up problems, and actually got us our permanent final visa in a staggering three months!  As my friend who is still waiting after eight years said, “Wow! That’s unheard of and I know everybody in Boquete!  What is the attorney’s name and phone number?”

A few words to the wise.  Don’t try to apply for any kind of permanent visa or conduct a real estate transaction without the assistance of a Panama attorney.  You may think you can get this done on your own but you can’t.  We know as we’ve been through the visa application process.  Also, it is advisable to only use Panama City attorneys for your visa needs, not attorneys from other cities within the country of Panama.  This is because all the institutions you will need to access are in Panama City.  You need an attorney who has developed relationships with people within these institutions because in Latin America, things get done based on those relationships.

Meet Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi and her husband Pierre.

Pierre and Mayra work together as a team and you’ll need both of them to push your needs through the maze

Mayra and Pierre work together as a team.  Mayra has been a practicing attorney for some thirty years.  Is that enough experience for you?  She is licensed here in Panama and is a graduate of The Universidad Complutease de Madrid Law School.  Pierre fills a critical role in the law practice.  He makes things happen by going around to all the institutions in person with client’s paperwork in need of signatures and approvals. He also manages the security of their business computer network and keeps things on track.  Both are fluent in English and to make matters even better for English speaking people, Pierre is a U.S. citizen.

Prior to opening up her private practice, Mayra worked for five years for the Ministry of Foreign Relations as the Director of Legal Diplomatic Relations.  She then accepted a two-year position with the American Embassy as a Legal Liaison in charge of solving disputes between the Embassy and the Panamanian government.  Both of these positions coupled with Mayra’s firm but friendly diplomatic style laid the foundation for her private practice.  There aren’t many attorneys that can boast seven years of relationship building with the high-ups of government institutions and, I think that is one of the critical keys to Mayra’s success. Mayra then went on to found her Panama private commercial law practice specializing in immigration in 2001.  Interestingly, she also earned her real estate license in Panama. So if you are buying a piece of property, you will get the added benefit of that invaluable knowledge.  She doesn’t, however, buy and sell real estate for there is no time.  Although she prefers to limit her legal practice to commercial endeavors, as an attorney, Mayra is loyal to her existing clientele and understands that other legal problems arise in the course of life and is willing to lend a helping hand.

Pierre has an interesting background as an Electronics Specialist.  Pierre was in charge of installing and maintaining the electronic security system at the American Embassy in Panama City.  But don’t ask him questions about that.  He’s still loyally honoring the American Embassy’s security needs.  Just know this, there is no question but that your documents will be safe and sound!

And now for the sweet part.  As young adults, Pierre and Mayra met on a bus headed for Italy from Spain.  They sat together on that bus and proceeded to fall in love.  When the bus got to the Italian border, Pierre discovered that he needed a visa and that the authorities were going to kick him off the bus.  But Mayra was going to have none of that.  She wanted the man who was to become her husband on that bus so she became his lawyer and persuaded the authorities to let Pierre stay on the bus.  Subsequently, they moved to Houston, Texas where they got married and lived for five years.  They have been married ever since.  While in Houston, Mayra worked as a licensed real estate broker.  Pierre and Mayra have two beautiful daughters, ages seventeen and fifteen.  Don’t ask me how this hard-working couple find the time for raising a family but, knowing them as I now do, I can safely tell you that they’re doing a fabulous job of raising their children.

So now you don’t have to wait for nearly two years as we did to find a reputable attorney.  Mayra and Pierre are honest.  They have integrity.  They’ve been in practice long enough to have seen it all.  And, they are responsible.  They won’t drop the ball mid-stream as so many other lawyers do.  And you’ll enjoy spending time with a couple of wonderful and interesting people who deliver on their word and go out of their way for you.



  1. Got to agree with your assessment of Mayra and Pierre. We used their services a while back to obtain out ‘indefinite residence’ pensionada and were quite happy with the way things progressed. Mayra is, in my opinion, the best Immigration Attorney in all of Panama!!

    Tony R.

  2. The first time I heard of Mayra was on April 2, 2003 When Bill Baio mentioned her on the Yahoo Group Vivienda_en_Panama. I was living in the states then and planning on moving to Panama. I contacted Mayra by telephone and internet and was so impressed that I decided to use her for my pensionado visa. When I got to Panama, Mayra picked me up at my hotel at 10 am and by 1:30 we had completed the entire application process. Everything went like clockwork, not a moments hesitation. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as efficient and professional as Mayra.

    I have referred her to at least 80 people for their visas. I’ve received many thank yous for that and NOT ONE COMPLAINT. That’s almost unbelievable. I cannot say enough good things about her.

    I, too, have come to know her and Pierre and have had dinner with them many time. They are both a gracious as they are professional. I am both proud and honored to call them friends.

    Clyde Jenkins, now living in Colombia

  3. What an excellent article about Mayra. As you know we have used her great services for over 4 years. She is prompt in replying, fast and very fair. Like Clyde, we have referred her to many people and have never heard a complaint.

    We had no idea about her family and how she met her husband. What a great blog! Thanks.


  4. I, too, have been struggling with finding an honest and efficient attorney here in Panama. Thanks to your article, I think I’ve just found what I am looking for. I’m going to contact Mayra tomorow!

    Thank you!!!!


  5. My fiancee and I are moving to Panama also and have already have difficulty trying to find an immigration attorney in PC from the States. We need to get things going in a few short weeks so are contacting Mayra today! She was referred to us by friends who have used her to create a foundation (and three of their friends have also). That is a much more complicated progress than just getting a visa and apparantly she handled it for everyone very well. Thank you for this confirming referral!

    • Hello Rachel,
      You are most welcome. Everything I mentioned in my article, “Have We Got An Attorney For You” is true. Mayra is not a friend of ours. She just did an extraordinary job for us. You can utilize her services for real estate transactions in confidence as well. Those are her two areas of expertise. Welcome to your new life!

  6. Nesesito representacion en Panama assunto de propiedad por favor responder a mi llamado.Simona Torres 321-951-3190

    • Hola Simon,

      Porfavor busca en mi pagina para Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi
      Office: 507-270-1469

  7. please could you help me to secure a tourist visa.i am a NIGERIAN but reside in mozambique. this is my e-mail adress phone +258822221989. i will be happy if my request is given urgent and consideration

    • Hello Paul,

      You will have to contact an attorney in Panama City. On my website, there’s an article entitled, “Have We Got an Attorney for you”. You can find her contact information within that article.

      ps: If you look in the upper right hand side of the website, you will find a search engine for the website.

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