Posted by: luisabaldwin | May 22, 2012

Adventurousliving Is Pleased to Announce the Readership of 75 Countries!

Johnie, one of our commentators said,

“Please keep the words flowing as it inspires dreams.”

Laura, another of our commentator had this to say,

“Hello Luisa,
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life in Boquete and it is because of your blog that my  husband and I want to visit there in October.

We are pleased to announce that our Website Adventurousliving is growing.  We invite you to peruse just some of the 75 countries that have viewed this Website  since February 25, 2012.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for visiting Adventurousliving and making our fledgeling Website what it is.  We strive to bring you excellence of information on what life really is like in the Republic of Panama, Central America.  We have included some resources, cost of living data, Panamanian centric economic data, places to explore, and places to live.  We also offer inspiring true-life stories of successful entrepreneurs who have re-located to Panama and started thriving businesses. We hope our little site inspires you to achieve the changes you desire.

In addition to information on Panama, expect to find detailed information on Ecuador and Costa Rica. A whole host of Panamanian indigenous floral photography by Luisa Baldwin is also featured herein.

We will strive to honor Johnie’s words for inspiring dreams is exactly our mission!  Again, thank you for visiting  We value your readership and your commentary.



  1. This site has certainly developed over the last couple of years! Congratulations on becoming truly international!!!!!!

    BTW. Great site!


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