Posted by: luisabaldwin | March 9, 2013

The Benefits of Investment Tax Exemptions in Panama

Tom Brymer
Panama Advisory Group
Villa 128 Valle Escondido
Boquete, Chiriqui 33176, Panama

A while back I described Panama’s economy as “smoking hot” and, with GDP growth at a staggering 11% for 2012,  so it is.  Now, I would like to add another reason to peak your interest in Panama.  Written by Tom Brymer, we are very fortunate to have permission to reprint this exciting article on the miracle that is Panama’s investment opportunities.  His newsletter is always filled with interesting information and, I’m sure, he will be happy to put you on his mailing list.  Just send him an e-mail.

While the stock market in Panama is still small,  the volume in the Panama Stock Exchange is being driven by the fact that properly registered shares and bonds do not pay income tax. Do I hear another reason to consider investing down here? reports that “the stock market in Panama traded $512.2 million in January 2013, a figure which much higher than that negotiated in the months of January in the last seven years, with the exception of 2011

The explanation for this increase “has to do with many factors, but one of them is still the benefit of tax exemptions received by equity investments.”

The president of the firm BDO, Ruben Bustamante, said that “one of the benefits you get when you invest in the domestic capital market is that the profit from the sale of shares of companies registered with the Superintendency of Securities Market (SMV), generates no income tax, no tax on dividends nor complementary tax.

“At the same time, if the instrument or value is registered in the VPS, the interest that is paid incurs only 5% for income tax, however, if it is paid via the Stock Exchange, such interest would be exempt from Income Tax”, explained the accountant.



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