About Jim & Luisa

P1000203_editedABOUT JIM: Jim has quite a legacy in this world.  He started out as a young adult by serving his country for ten years as a US Marine, and spent several tours of duty in the ICorp of Viet Nam.  He served in the dangerous capacity as a radioman, going out in front of the troops in search of the enemy.  He has traveled around the world four times.  He is the proud father of three wonderful adoring children who love him dearly (a major accomplishment in today’s world) and would do anything for him.   After leaving the Marines, Jim focused on his career as a Training Manager for Ford Aerospace, supervising a staff of 24.  At LTX and Teradyne, Jim was a Sr.  Applications Programmer and technical/vocational trainer for the semiconductor industry.  Since his retirement, Jim has moved onto more fun activities and is now known on the Internet as “Big Daddy Jim – The Coding Wizard” for his re-engineering of a series of ‘classic’ RPG video games called Might and Magic. He has put together a worldwide developmental team that continues to re-engineer these unique and fun games.

P1000202_editedABOUT LUISA: Luisa has spent her adult life pursuing wisdom and happiness.  As maturity and integration took hold, she developed her own unique views about life and believes in living a truly adventurous life with no regrets in the end.  She is about to embark on a new one, exploring Central America with the intent of settling in Panama.

She grew up in South America and Hawaii where she studied art at Punahou (class of 1968)  and the University of Hawaii. She later lived and worked as an artist in a log cabin at 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains and has shown her pottery extensively in art galleries around Colorado. She was awarded a National Honorable Mention and scholarship for her work with clay.  As a young adult she spent two years traveling around the world studying the art, cultures, and religions of many countries.  Then, upon returning to California, she turned one hundred and eighty degrees and worked as an Executive Assistant to various CEOs, CFOs, and VPs in the high-tech world.  After retiring from Symantec (Norton Anti-virus) she completed a gift/inspirational book entitled “Happy-ness” which she now hopes to get published in Panama.

They both currently divide their time between the Republic of Panama,La Jolla, and the Bay Area, California pursuing happiness and enjoying life.



  1. Hello Jim and Louisa,

    I just wanted to give you the link to my blog: http://binegirlslife.blogpspot.com. I also have the coffee tour pictures up, esp. the ones from my sister. But if you want me to send you any other, give me your e-mail-address.

    Take care, Sabine

    • Hi Sabine,

      We have really enjoyed our time with you! And wish you wonderful adventures in Costa Rica and New Zealand. If you got any really good pics of the coffee tour please send them on. May I use them in my article on Finca Dos Jefes? My e-mail is luisabaldwin@yahoo.com. Please stay in touch and happy travels!

      Stay in touch, Luisa

  2. It’s http://binegirlslife.blogspot.com, of course.

  3. Can you tell us when the best time of year is to visit Cotacachi, Ecuador? Can you recommend a nice but resonably priced hotel in old town Quito and Cotacachi, and the best means of transportation between the two cities?
    Ana Presse
    Carmel, California

    • Hi Ana,

      Please refer these questions to my friend Steve who lives in Cotacachi. I live in Boquete, Panama but Steve lives there and knows the ins-and-outs. Just scroll back to my articles on Ecuador and you will find his e-mail address.
      Respectfully yours,
      Luisa Baldwin
      P.S., my grandmother owned two silver stores in Carmel! It’s a great town.

  4. Hi Luisa,
    So great to chat with you at Big Daddy’s today. I wonder… do you work with clay HERE in Boqute? Do you have access to clay, a wheel, a kiln? Wishful thinking on my part? Yours, Elizabeth

    • Good morning Elizabeth,
      Thank you for the delicious meal at Big Daddy’s and our friendly meeting. That chicken sandwich was prepared to perfection. I really take my hat off to our wonderful entrepreneurs here in Boquete. I was approached by the owners of that pottery tourist store up near the church to teach their children how to work on the wheel. Sadly, I simply don’t have an extra moment in the day. I think they have a setup there.

  5. Luisa,
    Just getting back home (in US) and wanted to check out your blog. I must say what a great job you have done and I especially like the wonderful pictures you’ve taken. So much great info and good for those in Panama for a few days to well “forever”. I always miss Panama when I’m away but you know I will return to our house as soon as we can.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I’m so glad you commented because the maid threw away the piece of paper I wrote your e-mail address on! Now I have it. I’ll add you to the announcement list. We’re headed down to Boca Chica and a little beach time next week to get some relief from the wind. I’m looking forward to a new adventure. I’ll e-mail you soon.

  6. Hi Luisa, I currently live in Louisiana and considering retirement in Panama, preferably Boquete. Would you recommend buying a new car once there, or having one shipped from USA?

    • Hello Jeannie,
      In answer to your question, it depends as to whether you already have your pensionado visa or not. If you are moving and already have your retirement visa, it would be worth looking into the tax benefits for importing a newer than two year old car along with your stuff. If you are just coming down on an exploratory trip and need wheels, here in Boquete, I can recommend Keith Woolford at 6513-9217. His e-mail is: keithwoolford@gmail.com. (e-mail is better) Tell him I sent you to him. He can save you all the challenges of buying a car in a foreign country. Best of luck with your changes.

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